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We are Steampunk

by | Jul 14, 2016

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We are Steampunk – Antiquarian World

Living an alternate reality has always allured people, and has captured the imagination of the masses, created beliefs, cultures and religions; and Steampunk is exactly that! Steampunk is a powerful attraction and charm to an alternate 19th century period, a period that took a science-fiction or science-fantasy twist to it, a period in which technology and aesthetic design became mystical and magical. To add to this spectacular aesthetic philosophy, in some versions of steampunk reality, a post-apocalyptic future scenario is the main driver.

This aesthetic philosophy is exactly what seduced us into creating our shop, Antiquarian World. Steampunk speaks magnitude to us, our beliefs and aspirations are completed by it, and it’s our main driver to create an alternate reality and spread the Steampunk word. In our shop we have original Victorian Antiques, classical paintings, and an ever expanding collection of our custom created industrial Steampunk lights, objects and accessories. We are also seduced by the romanticism that vails the steampunk reality, so in turn we create custom jewellery, artefacts, items and gadgets that reflect the more elegant era of 19th century and the Victorian realm of Steampunk.

Further to this, we have spread our Steampunk aesthetic and philosophy to bars, events, clubs, shops and houses. Our interior designs and custom creations for commercial properties is something original for our customers. Our items are centrepieces in any environment and become focal points within any setting.

Overall, we believe in a world where creativity is limitless and anyone has a chance to be or do whatever they feel. Steampunk motivates us, which is why most of our creations are always on point! It is the main driver and has played the lead role in making us what we are today.

If you are here for the first time, we sure hope you are going to enjoy this wonderful journey with us. We intend to take steampunk to the greatest levels possible through our beautiful creations and articles exploring the realm of Steampunk.

Stay with us and let’s get Steampunked!

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